PAUL, John Dean.
A Trip to Brighton.

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London: Thomas McLean, 1824.
Not in Abbey; Bobins supplementary list 08/14.

4 hand coloured aquatint strip sections (each 6 x 23.5 inches), window mounted in pairs in an oblong folio album. Half blue morocco by Aquarius, with matching title label to upper board, gilt, marbled edges.

Coloured plates in order:

Plate 1.
Oh! these exactions they are most pestilent to the hearing (Shakespeare) / Remember its optional (Love, Law and Physic).

Plate 2.
Attack; I am afraid! (Macbeth) / Too many eggs in one basket / My Lord no more of that, you mar all by this starting / When its done, then t'were well it were done quickly.

Plate 3.
Rusticus expectat / Down with the nose down with it flat (timon of Athens) / Whiles I may scape I will preserve myself / Both stile and gate horse way and foot path Poor Tom has been scared out of his good wits.

Plate 4.
"Transport and Security" (Byron) / Am I then a man to be beloved? (Shakespeare) / As in presenti / In latus omne patent / Sunt quo curriculo.