PUCKLER-MUSKAU, Furst Hermann Ludwig Heinrich von.
Andeutungen über Landschaftsgärtnerei verbunden mit der Beschreibung ihrer praktischen Anwendung in Muskau.

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Stuttgart: Hallberger, 1834.
Bobins 1063.

Oblong folio, printed title, 45 colour lithographs & 4 folding plans. Original green boards in contemporary portfolio cover, blind-stamped black and dark green morocco cloth. [together with]: text volume of same title 8vo, dark green blind-stamped cloth. RARE book in the literature of Romantic landscape gardening with illustrations of the grounds at the estate of the author at Muskau in Saxony.

Colour plates in order:

Atlas volume.

1. [not captioned] 3 plans of gardens and a wall trellis.
2. [not captioned] Garden looking out from a small bridge.
3. [not captioned] Garden plans and ideas.
4. [not captioned] Several garden plans and ideas.
5. [As above.]
6. [not captioned] Several ideas for a garden, including water features etc.
7. [not captioned] Garden ideas including water and mounds etc.
8. [not captioned] Pleasant garden scene incorporating a babbling brook.
9. [not captioned] Garden scene featuring a wall, some steps and a lake.
10. [not captioned] Pleasant scene with a sculpted garden, river and trees etc.
11. [not captioned] Night time scene with a lakeland view, with an overlap depicting buildings and a bridge built over a greater part of the lake.
12. [not captioned] Lovely, formal garden scene.
13. [not captioned] Formal garden design with potted trees and shrubs etc.
14. [not captioned] 4 ornaments for a garden.
15. [not captioned] The author's stately home set amidst its formal garden.
16. [not captioned] Formal garden scene.
17. [not captioned] Houses and dwellings on the estate, set amongst landscaped gardens, lake etc.
18. [not captioned] Rustic activity among a garden setting.
19. [not captioned] The author's stately Home set in amongst a formal garden setting.
20. [not captioned] As above, but with the delightful inclusion of a lake in the foreground.
21. [not captioned] Houses set in amongst landscaped gardens, lake, bridge, etc.
22. [not captioned] Panoramic view of the author's stately home and its formal surrounds. (folding)
23. [not captioned] Ornamental garden edifice.
24. [not captioned] Peaceful garden scene with lake and bridge.
25. [not captioned] Two labourers talk on a peaceful path amongst the gardens.
26. [not captioned] A delightful dwelling set in amongst a verdant garden setting.
27. [not captioned] Dwellings on the estate and the surrounding countryside etc.
28. [not captioned] Church and Chapel, set in the gardens.
29. [not captioned] Stately home seen set in its rustic surrounds.
30. [not captioned] Houses and a watermill on a lake, or a river.
31. [not captioned] Delightful garden scene, complete with small ornamental bridge over a lake.
32. [not captioned] General view of the author's estate.
33. [not captioned] Gardens, fountain and a pair of ornamental edifices.
34. [not captioned] General garden and parkland scene on the estate.
35. [not captioned] Farmers dwellings on the estate.
36. [not captioned] General garden and parkland scenery.
37. [not captioned] Canopied bench set in a lovely garden setting.
38. [not captioned] The author's stately home as seen from a distance.
39. [As above.]
40. [not captioned] Various dwellings on the estate, and some farming pursuits are in progress etc.
41. [not captioned] General prospective view of the author's estate, taken from some distance away.
42. [not captioned] A massive pine tree.
43. [not captioned] An old tree on the estate.
44. [A coloured graphic legend or a key, as to the whereabouts of assorted species of trees, within the estate (27)].
45. [not captioned] A very tranquil lake side scene on the estate.
46. [not captioned]. Partial garden perspective looking out from a terrace (folding).
47. [not captioned] Partial perspective of assorted houses (labourers) in and among the estate.
48. [Plan] Karte des Terrains, auf dem der Park zu Muskau... (large folding plan 'A').
49. [Plan] Karte von dem fürstlichen Park zu Muskau... (large folding plan 'B').
50. [Plan] Karte der drey Blumengarten in der Mahe des Schlosses, (folding plan 'C').
51. [Plan] Karte der Orangerie Hauser und des ganzen Etablissements zum Betriebe der Gartnerey (folding plan 'D').