TAYLOR, Isodore Justin Severin.
L’Alhambra. [Dessins et Lithographies]

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Paris: Firmin Didot Freres, Rue Jacob, 1853.
Not in Abbey; Palau 3247.Bobins 570.

Folio, contemporary half red morocco over mottled boards. 9 colour lithograph plates. Some spotting and foxing throughout. The study of Moorish architecture and particularly of the Alhambra, and its highly colourful decorative tiles, was enjoyed a vogue among European artists at this period. Taylor appears to have had the ear of Charles X. He had earlier travelled to Egypt and Syria accompanied by artists Luigi Mayer and Adrien Dauzats on a mission from Charles X to the Egyptian Khedive Mehmet Ali, in an attempt to retrieve the Luxor obelisks for France. In the event he was only partially successful, returning with only the Western obelisk.

Coloured plates in order:

1. L'Alhambra. Porte de la Justice.
2. L'Alhambra. Cour de l'Alberca.
3. L'Alhambra. Cour des Lions.
4. L'Alhambra. Galerie de la Cour des Lions.
5. L'Alhambra. Salle des Abengerrages.
6. L'Alhambra. Salle du Tribunal.
7. L'Alhambra. Salle des Deux Soeurs.
8. L'Alhambra. Cabinet des Infantes, Salle des Deux Soeurs.
9. L'Alhambra. Cour de la Mosquee.