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Paris: Chez Roret, Thiery et l'auteur, 1835.
Bobins supplementary list 08/14

Folio, 1/4 red morocco over marbled boards, gilt lettering and bands to flat spine. Paper is age toned and there is foxing throughout, boards rubbed and worn. Double set of plates; 24 x black & white and 24 x hand coloured.

Coloured plates in order:

1. A new and accurate Plan of Blenheim Palace, Gardens, Park, Plantations etc, the Seat of His Grace the Duke of Marlborough. (England)
2-3. View(s) of Blenheim. (England)
4. A map of the demesne at Morfontaine. (France)
5. A view taken from Molton Isle at Morfontaine. (France)
6. A view from Morfontaine. (France)
7. A view taken from the Torrent, derwent in Chatsworth's park.(England)
8. A view taken from the Tower Foot Chatworth's hill. (England)
9. A view taken at Ermenonville (near St. James Cabin). (France)
10. A Plan of the Gardens of his grace the Duke of Buckingham, at Stowe. (England)
11. A view from Stowe, taken near to the pavilions. (England)
12. A view from Richmond, taken near to the entrance of the park / The Great Park at Windsor / A view of Windsor Castle. (England)
13. Plan of the Castle and Park of St.Leu [with overlay]. (France)
14. A view taken from St. Leu. [overlay] (France)
15. Actual map of the Country House and Park of Beauregard at Villeneuve St. Georges four leagues from Paris, the seat of Tranchant. / Ancient French map. (France)
16. A view taken at Beauregard. (France)
17. Present Plan of the Villa belonging to Mr. Mauguin at Marly le Roi. / Ancient map. (France)
18. A view taken from the Gardens of M. Mauguin, Marly le Roi. (France)
19. A view of Longleate. (England)
20. A view taken in the Garden of the Palace Pitti. (Italy)
21. A view taken ofvthe Garden of Mr. Bouronne / Plan of the Garden of Mr. Bouronne at Bougival. (France)
22. A view of the Bridge in Lord Pembroke's Park at Wilton. (England)
23. Detail of Hot Houses in France & in England. (15 figs)
24. Public Walks and Gardens of England (Kensington / Hyde / Green / Regents Parks) Public Walks and Gardens of France (Bois de Boulougne) / A map of Aubetin's Farm-house / Removing of great trees.