COLEMAN, Edmund T.
Scenes from the Snow-Fields; being illustrations of the Upper Ice World of Mont Blanc...1855-58.

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London: Longman, Brown, Green, Longman & Roberts, 1859.
Abbey Travel 68; Bobins supplementary list 08/14.

Folio, original brown embossed cloth in blind, and with gilt letters direct, title, dedication, list of plates, preface, introduction, text. 12 chromolithographed plates. Boards lightly rubbed and stained.

Coloured plates in order:

1. View from the Forest of the Peregrines, showing the Montagne de la Cote (De Saussure's route), with the Glacier des Bossons and the Aiguille and Dome du Goute.
2. View on the Glacier des Bossons.
3. Icebergs on the Glacier des Bossons, looking towards the valley.
4. The Glacier du Tacconay.
5. The Region of Seracs.
6. View from the Grands Mulets, looking towards the mountain; the Cabin in the foreground.
7. View from the Grands Mulets, looking over the valley; the reverse of the above. Twilight.
8. The Grand Plateau. Sunrise.
9. A great Crevasse at the foot of the Rochers Rouges.
10. The Mur de la Cote, looking towards Mont Maudit / The Mur de la Cote, looking over the Brenva / The Corridor, with the Mur de la Cote / The Calotte, or upper portion of the Dome of Mont Blanc.
11. The passage of the Couloir, on the Aiguille du Goute / Ice-Cliff on the Dome du Goute / View from the Tete-Rouge / View from the Cabin of M. Guichard, the Aiguille in the background.
12. The junction of the two routes on the Grand Plateau / The Cabin on the summit of the Aiguille du Goute.