MEYRICK, Samuel Rush.
The Costume of the Original Inhabitants of the British Islands from the Earliest Periods to the Sixth Century ; to which is added, that of the Gothic Nations on the Western Coasts of The Baltic, The Ancestors of the Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-Danes…

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London: R. Havell, Tottenham Court Road, 1815.
Abbey Life 427; Tooley 326; Bobins 687; SPL 81.

Folio, half title, title, Chronological Series of the plates, sub-title, pp. 1-59; frontispiece and 24 hand coloured aquatint plates by R. Havell, all plates have a small coloured engraving of an archaeological object at the bottom of the image, full red morocco with decorative gilt to boards, spine and inner dentelles; all edges gilt; a good large paper copy. A second edition appeared in 1821, imprint changed to Printed by Howlett and Brimmer, Columbian Press, for T. M’Lean… and E. Williams. Plates include British fishing and husbandry, an Arch Druid in his Judicial Habit, Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni, Irish Brehons, A Drotte and a Fola, Gurm Gamle, King of Denmark and a Danish Youth.

Coloured plates in order:

1. Frontispiece (Composite - featuring Druids oak, cromlech, weapons &c.)
2. A Briton of the Interior.
3. A Belgic Briton and one of the Cassiterides.
4. A Maaeata and Caledonian.
5. A Mounted British Warrior.
6. British Fishing and Husbandry.
7. Costume of the Druidical Order.
8. A British Bard and an Ovate.
9. Bardic Scholars.
10. Irish Ottamh, and an Heraldic Bard.
11. An Arch Druid in his Judicial Habit.
12. Grand Conventional Festival of the Britons.
13. Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni.
14. A Romanised Briton and a Feryllt.
15. Roman British Females.
16. Roman British Priestesses.
17. Irish Brehons.
18. Costume of the Pagan Irish.
19. Hibernian Male & Female Costume.
20. Pabo Post Prydian.
21. St. Jestin ab Geraint.
22. Military Costume of the Gothic Nations, on the Western Coasts of the Baltic.
23. A Drotte and a Fola.
24. Costume of a Saxon Chief.
25. Gurm Gamke, King of Denmark and a Danish Youth.