SCOTT, Mrs. W.L.L.
Views in the Himalayas.

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London: Messrs Henry Graves & Co., and sold by Messrs Allen & Co., and Messrs Ostell & Lepage, Calcutta, 1852.
Abbey Travel 500; Bobins 799 & 1123 (cited twice for same copy).

Large folio, lithographed title in red, leaf of explanation and dedication leaf, double column printed in blue. 15 tinted lithographs. Glossary regarding climate, costume, animals, birds, agricultural productions etc. Modern half red morocco over red cloth, with gilt letters direct to upper board and to spine, and in rule to boards. Small bookplate of 'Robert & Maria Travis' to front pastedown. Coloured endpapers. Boards lightly rubbed. Plates show the mountains around Simla and the plains surrounding Kussowlie, local residences, views of Koomarsen and Khotghur.

Coloured plates in order:

1. Title page. Elysium Hill, Simla, and the Government House of former years - sunrise.
2. Kusssowlie and the Plains beyond - sunrise.
3. The Lawrence Asylum and Soniawur Hills - sunset.
4. Suspension Bridge on the High Road from Kussowlie to Hurreepore - sunrise.
5. Simla Prospect Point, Boileau-Gunge, Bentinck Castle, the Suddur Bazaar & unfinished Church - sunrise.
6. Simla, Elysium Hill, on the left - in the distances the Snowy Range, the Peaks of the Greater and Less Shali, etc - sunrise.
7. Simla, the North face of Jukko, the Bank in 1850, the Craigs (Sir Henry Elliott's Residence), Capt. Mavow's House etc, - sunrise.
8. Simla Suddur Bazaar, Racket Court, & Church.
9. Simla, Old Temple (Hindu) above the waterfalls - sunset.
10. Simla and Jukko from Capt. Metcalfe's Cottage, Mahassoue - sunrise.
11. The Mission Bungalow and School House, Theog, - The Forests of Mahassone and Phago in the distance - sunrise.
12. The Forest Mountain of Huttoo, near Nagkanda - sunset.
13. The Snowy Range from Nagkanda Staging Bungalow - sunset.
14. Mission Bungalow and School House at Khotghur - sunset.
15. The village of Koomarsen on the left hand range, the Kooloo and Kote Kangaroo Ranges in the distance - sunset.