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LORY, Gabriel
L.G. Mathias.
Voyage pittoresque aux glaciers de Chamouni.

Paris: P. Didot l’Aine, 1815.
Longchamp 1859; Brunet V,1378; Bobins 1050.
Paris: P. Didot l’Aine, 1815.

FIRST AND ONLY EDITION of this work until reprinted in 1986 in Grenoble. Folio, half-title, title, list of plates, 14pp., 7 aquatint plates printed in colours and finished by hand by Hegui after G. Lory Pere (2) or Fils (4), text by Raoul-Rochette, Paris, original pink boards. One of the great rarities of mountaineering literature, a highly regarded set of plates which include Cascade/Nant d’Arpenay; Mont-Blanc from St Martin; Lac de Chede; the Glacier – surrounding woods and source de l’Arveyron; the Mer de Glace from Ontenvers; Mont Blanc from Du Couvercle; La Flegere. Some of the images were reissued later in a reduced form in Ostervald’s Voyage Pittoresque dans la Vallee de Chamouni et Autour du Mont-Blanc with text by Raoul-Rochette (Paris, 1826;). Perret praises the work for “magnifiques vues de la vallee de Chamonix et du Mont-Blanc.” He adds that this work is much sought after by collectors for the quality of the illustrations. Coloured plates in order: 1. Vie de la Cascade de Nant d'Arpenas. 2. Vue du Mont Blanc prise de St. Martin. 3. Vue du Lac de Chede. 4. Vue du Glacier des Bois et de la Source de l'Arveiron. 5. Vue de le Mer de Glace prise du Montanvert. 6. Vue du Mont Blanc prise du Couvercle. 7. Vue prise de la Flegere.