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IRELAND, Samuel.
A Picturesque tour through Holland, Brabant, and part of France made in the autumn of 1789.

London: Printed for T. & I. Egerton, 1790.
Abbey Travel I 185; Bobins II 423; Cox p.159; Lipperheide 951.
London: Printed for T. & I. Egerton, 1790.

FIRST EDITION. Engraved title page + 42 plates each in 2 states (sepia & hand-coloured). The author etched the plates marked 'S.I.'; the rest by a Cornelius Apostool. Finely bound in modern aniline calf over marble boards. Raised bands in gilt raised and elaborate detail in the gilt compartments - lettered in the second compartment, numbered in the third and sixth compartments. Impeccably well-preserved and highly uncommon in such a polished condition. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. Engraved title. 2. View from the entrance to Harwich. 3. Entrance to the Harbour Helvoet Stuys. 4. The Briele cross the Maes. 5. Rotterdam from Kattendregt ferry cross the Maes. 6. Statue of Erasmus and House in which he was born at Rotterdam. 7. Dordrecht or Dort. 8. Delft towards the Hague. 9. Entrance to Delft from Rotterdam. 10. Ryswick near the Hague. 11. Entrance to the Hague from Delft. 12. Scheveningen. 13. House in the Wood near the Hague. 14. Entrance to Leyden. 15. The Canal call'd de Oude Rhyn, Leyden. 16. Half-way House, between Leyden & Haerlem. 17. Haarlem from Amsterdam Road. 18. Mr. Hope's Villa, near Haarlem. 19. The House where Wouverman resided on the Bakenesse - gragt Haarlem. 20. Amsterdam and Bridge across the Amstel. 21. De Heere Gragt, Amsterdam. 22. Village of Broek in North Holland. 23. Dresses of the North Hollanders. 24. House where Peter the great resided at Sardam in North Holland. 25. Watergate Utrecht and the Dom Tower. 26. Ferry house at Vianen crossing the Rhine between Utrecht anf Gorcum 27. De Zwaan Ferry on the Maes near Gorcum. 28. Crossing the Maes from Gorcum. 29. Breda. 30. Bergen op Zoom. 31. A.C. Nadich, (Sworn Midwife) (Catch me I will be a Sweet Boy). Volume 2. 32. Engraved title. 33. Antwerp from across the Scheld. 34. Ruben's Altar in the church of St James Antwerp. 35. Garden front of Rubens' house at Antwerp, as it stood in 1684. 36. Brussels from the Pavillion in the Prince of Saxe Teschen's Gardens. 37. Prince Saxen Teschen's Chateau near Brussels. 38. Valenciennes. 39. State of the Bastile in Sept 1789. 40. National Assembly, Paris. 41. Abbey of St Denis. 42. Distant view of the City of Amiens. 43. City of Amiens from the Cemetery of St Denis. 44. The Citadel Boulogne-sur-mer. 45. Monument of the Unfortunate Pilatre de Rozier and Romain were killed near this spot between Boulogne & Calais on the Balloon taking fire June 15th, 1785. 46. Dover.