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EHRENSVARD, Carl August.
Resa Til Italien 1780, 1781, 1782. Skrifven 1782 I Stralsund.

Stockholm: Carl Deleen, 1819.
Only 3 copies known of this book sold for up to £2000 per copy at auctions. Bobins Supplementary list Aug 2014.
Stockholm: Carl Deleen, 1819.

Hand-coloured etched plates (38 plates with 39 illustrations) by Ehrensvard. 8vo. (245 x 178 mm) in contemporary 1/4 green roan spine with gilt flowers to spine and contrasting gilt spine title label and roan tips to corners, marbled paper boards, the sides slightly rubbed. TP + (4p) +84pp +38 leaves (printed one side only) Well coloured and crisp plate-marks the only slight defect is a small pencil mark to the sky of 4th plate - hardly noticeable. Slight gutter damage to endpapers and book-plate from the' Giannalisa Feltrinelli collection. Very crisp and clean. A lovely book of hand-coloured views and peasant costumes by this Swedish Admiral with descriptions probably taken from his diaries. Most of the drawings are preserved at the Royal Academy of Arts (Stockholm) and the Swedish National Museum. Plates are without captions. Coloured plates in order: 1. Mountain. 2. Peasants walk beside rows of planted trees. 3. An Italian plain and mountains in the distance. 4. Houses beside agricultural land. 5. Peasant women spinning and weaving outside their cottages. 6. Female peasant walking to market with a basket of produce on her head. 7. Male peasant. 8. Female walking among cactus and grasses, hills and mountains in the background. 9. Rustic outbuilding, agricultural land, and steep hillside. 10. Cave or hollow on a hillside. 11. Rock strata, aqueduct, and volcano (?) in the distance. 12. (2 plates) Smoking volcanoes and man on donkey overlooking plain. 13. Smoking volcano. 14. Town built on a plateau of a mountain. 15. Small boat anchored along a coast. 16. Two people are standing by a cliff edge looking out to sea. A boat is seen riding the waves. 17. Smoking volcano. 18. Agricultural fields, an aqueduct, a small town and mountains, and a smoking volcano in the distance. 19. Hillside, an aqueduct, and the ocean. 20. Fully nude lady, holding a single long piece of ribbon in both outstretched arms, a 'smock' is suspended behind her, and a pair of capes of different colours appear to hang from the ribbon. 21. Rocks. 22. Objects falling from a cliff-top, down into the valley below. 23. Mausoleums? 24. A statue, an island fortress, and mountains. 25. Female peasant, holding leaves. 26. Female peasant, dressed in white. 27. Wooden cottages, dilapidated fence, water troughs, and mountains in the distance. A winter scene? 28. Men in costume, dancing, etc. 29. Portrait of a woman. 30. Heads of assorted young girls. 31. Heads and head-dresses of assorted young girls. 32. Men in costume. 33. Heads of men. 34. Heads of three different people. 35. Peasant carrying a basket of produce upon his shoulder. 36. Peasant girl with an urn of water upon her head. 37. Peasant girl carrying a large, heavy basket of produce on her back. 38. Peasant girl with a large tray of biscuit-like produce.