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HART, Captain Lockyer Willis.
Character and Costumes in Afghaunistan.

London: Henry Graves & Co., 1843.
Abbey Travel 511; Bobins 254.
27 + 1
London: Henry Graves & Co., 1843.

FIRST EDITION. Large folio, hand coloured engraved map, lithographed pictorial title, and 26 hand coloured lithographed plates, letterpress description of the plates mounted on card, the whole loose in original morocco backed gilt folder, label in gilt to upper cover. The rare portfolio issue, with the plates hand coloured and mounted on card. Hart was a Captain in the 22nd Regiment Bombay Infantry. The plates show scenes of everyday life in Kabul, for instance one of a kebab stand, as well as portraits of Emir Dost Mohammed and other dignitaries. Coloured plates (not) in order: 1. [Map] Sketch map of Sinde & Afghaunistan. 2. Lithographed title page. 3. Kurachee / Lower Sinde / A Sindiau and his Attendants. 4. Ancient Castle of Sehwun on the Indus / State Barge of the Umeers of Sinde / A Sindian Woman, Priest and Soldier. 5. Dadur. / Hajee Ibrahim, Commandant of the Bolan Rangers and men of the Brahooee Tribe. 6. Kaukers of the Bolan Range. 7. Fort of Killeh Abdooleh / Troopers of the Auchukzye Horse. 8. A Doorance Noble & his attendant at the Palace, Candahar. 9. Fort of Kelat-e-Giljee, a Chieftain and Female of the Giljee Tribe, and Huzzah Peasants. 10. Yacoob Beg. Toorkumum, Ambassador from Khiva to Cabul / Guznee / Exterior of the Tomb of Sultan Mahmood / Abdool Rusheed, nephew of Dost Mohamed Khan. 11. Khan Sheereen Khan, Chief of the Juwansheer Kuzzilbashes / Tomb of Sultan Mahmood - Ghuznee / Hajee Khan Kauker. 12. Shahzadu Timoor / Shah Shoojau-ool-Moolk / Shahzadu Sufter Jung and Attendant. 13. Meer Alum Khan / Umleh Bashee / Dost Mahomed Khan / Chaoosh Bashee / Meer Alee / Umleh Bashee / Surfuraz Khan / Rikab Bashee / Officers of the Kings Household. 14. Umeer Dost Mahomed Khabn. 15. Aga Khan, (Kohistan Rangers) / Meer Humzu (1st Janbaz Cavalry) / A Sergeant, Afghan Infantry / Ahmed Khan (Kohistan Rangers). 16. Cabul - A Fulloodeh Stall and Huzzaras carrying snow &c, to Market. 17. Castle of Zohauk-i-Maran / British Commandant of Shah Shooja's 2nd Janbaz Cavalry & Afghan Troopers of the Corps. 18. Bameen Tajiks of Bameen and the Kohistan. 19. Mahomed Umeen Khan. Wales of Khooloom, with his Minister and Attendants. 20. Mahomed Shah. Chief Executioner. / Ghufoor / A Mutilator / Retinue of Shah Shoojau-ool-Moolk. 21. Cabul - Afghan and Kuzzilbash Ladies. 22. Cabul - A Kuttar, or String of Blind Beggars. 23. Cabul - A Cabaub Shop. 24. Jan Fishan Khan Pergamee. Naib Mahomed Shureef / Gholam Mahomed Barukzye. Atmaram P.M. of the Chief of Koondooz / View of the Plain of Begram, the Reg Ruwan and part of the Kohistan. 25. Perganeh near Istalif - Huzzarehs firing with Juzaeels. 26. Jellalabad, Sirdar Mahomed Ukbar Khan. 27. A Nephew of Dost Mahomed Khan, on the celebrated Horse Koh-i-Noor, or the Mountain of Light. 28. The Sandal Wood Gates of Somnauth.