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WILKIE, Sir David.
Oriental Sketches. [Sketches in Turkey, Syria and Egypt, 1840 & 1841].

[London: Graves and Warmly, Printed by C. Hullmandel, 1843].
BL; GL; Weber 1144; Abbey Travel 379; Hilmy II, 329; Blacker 1796; Atabey 1334; Bobins 171.
25 + 1
[London: Graves and Warmly, Printed by C. Hullmandel, 1843].

FIRST EDITION. Large folio, 2pp. manuscript text in blue ink, 25 hand coloured lithographed plates and title, drawn on stone by David Nash, and printed by Hullmandel. All mounted on card and loose in contemporary 1/2 red morocco backed portfolio of watered cloth, with silk ties and a red, gilt lettered, morocco title label, corners strengthened. 2 volumes bound as one. Wilkie set out for the East in 1840 to gather material for a series of biblical illustrations. He visited Constantinople, Beirut, Jerusalem, Cairo, and Alexandria, where he painted a portrait of Mehmet Ali, that now hangs in the Tate Gallery in London. He died on the return journey in 1846, and his large collection of sketches were sold to various collectors. Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool (Ronnorn@aol.com) Coloured plates in order: 1. Title page. Portrait of Mehmet Ali, Viceroy of Egypt. 2. The Letter-Writer, - Constantinople. 3. Abdul Medschid, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. 4. Mr. Cartwright, British Consul-General at Constantinople, and Mustafa his Janissary. 5. Walker Bey. [Sir Baldwin Wake Walker] 6. Daughter of Walker Bey in a Turkish Dress. 7. Halloo Mirza, The Persian Prince. 8. Group in a Cafe, at Constantinople. 9. The Travelling Tartar to the Queen's Messenger. 10. Servant of Mrs. Allison, - Pera. 11. Three Greek Sisters at Therapia. 12. Sotiri, Principal Albanian to the Consulate at Bucharest. 13. Mrs. Moore, Wife of the British Consul ay Beyrout. 14. Dragoman of Mr. Moore, British Consul at Beyrout. 15. Dragoman of Mr Wittal, of Smyrna. 16. A Study of Camels. 17. A Sheik, who accompanied Sir David Wilkie and Party to the Red Sea and the Jordan. 18. Hebrew Woman and Child - Jerusalem. 19. Sketch for the Nativity. 20. An Arab family. 21. Christ before Pilate. 22. The Sheik of Lebanon. 23. The Dragoman of the Austrian Consul at Alexandria. 24. Madame Giuseppina. 25. The Tartar relating the news of the Capture of Acre. 26. Hebrew Women reading the Scriptures.