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FORD, Richard.
Lake Price (art).
Tauromachia or the Spanish Bull-Fights, Illustrated from Original Sketched made in the Plazas, Madrid, Seville, Cadiz &c.

London: J. Hogarth, 1852.
Palau 236895; Bobins 564.
XL=elephant folio
London: J. Hogarth, 1852.

Folio, hand coloured lithographed title and 25 hand coloured lithographed plates; half leather and tan cloth, gilt ruled, raised bands and gilt to spine. An attractive series of bullfighting plates showing every stage of the encounter between Matador and Bull. *All plated lack a caption.* Coloured plates in order: 1. Title page. [Ticket office for bullfight]. 2. [Bulls in a Pen before fighting commences]. 3. [Horses with all their ceremonial finery on]. 4. [Portraits of three (famous) Matadors: Jose Redondo "El Chiclanero" / Juan Lucas Blanco of Seville / Julian Casas "El Salamanquino"]. 5. [Crowd and bullfighters in the bullring, or Plaza.] 6. [The formal entry of contestants into the bullring or Plaza in Seville; Aguacils / Matadors / Banderilleros / Picadors / Horses, Mules]. 7. [The opening sequence.] 8-9. [A picador lances the bull, with a number of matador's looking on.] 10. [The enraged bull is seen gorging a horse with its horn, having thrown the picador off his horse, many matadors now desperately try to distract the bull.] 11. [Another bull has successfully wreaked havoc, by dangerously parting the picador and his horse. Matador's rush in to assist] 12. [A defiant bull faces down a picador - in the background lies the (now) gored, dead horse.] 13. [A bull is now trying to gorge a horse, its picador rider is seen on the ground, valiantly endeavouring to spear the bull from his prone position nearby. Matadors rush in to assist and distract the bull from its gruesome business.] 14. [A matador, with his red capote, watches as a bull makes its pass by him.] 15. [A rampaging bull is seen chasing all from the arena, or Plaza - some are seen quickly leaping the perimeter fence in order to get out of the bull's way.] 16. [The bull is seen trying to climb the perimeter fence in order to catch the fleeing matadors etc.] 17. [A matador is seen jumping high, out of the way of the bull, as it makes a pass by him. Another matador is close by.] 18. [A gruesome scene where dogs are let loose within the arena to fight the enraged bull.] 19. [Act of the Banderillas - The banderillas are straight sticks made of wood, with a blade on one end. The banderillas are placed in pairs into the muscle on the top of the bull's shoulders by a banderillo.] 20. [The bull, sporting a pair of banderillas is seen as angry, confused, tired and wounded. Some slain horses are seen dotted about.] 21. [A selection of banderillos / matadors / women etc in relaxed poses.] 22. [The Muleta, and the" faena". The Muleta is smaller than a capote, and the faena is part of a matador's artist display with the bull, before finally killing the bull.] 23. [Another depiction of a bull, with a pair of banderillas in its shoulders, defiantly faces a team of assembled matadors etc.] 24. [A bull sits quietly on the ground while a matador stands beside it with a raised dagger, or a blade, poised to administer a 'kill' to the bull's head.] 25. [A matador saluted the crown, after killing the bull.] 26. [The dead bull is now unceremoniously dragged out of the bullring, or Plaza by a team of horses - the crowd is ecstatic, and many hats are thrown into the air. The triumphant matador soaks up the applause and takes a bow.]